Aaron Raw is an artist from Manchester who works at his own place, Raw Tattoo Studio. He has various sponsors, but best of all he is a fully established part of the Sullen family.

Prior to flying to the Milan Convention to do my tattoo, Aaron was out at Sullen TV filming a soon to be featured episode about himself during the whole process of one of his tattoos – one to watch out for in the future!

The reason behind choosing Arron to do this stomach tattoo was down to his unique style of dark black and grey artwork. The tattoo was also a cover-up replacing an old tattoo which was lettering right across my stomach I had done at the age of 18. The old tattoo had previously undergone 5-6 sessions of laser tattoo removal by the highly-recommended Metalurgey Studio which is in Dundee, Scotland.

I gave Aaron free reign with the tattoo and just let him see the space he had to use; it’s safe to say he made the absolute most of the skin that was free to tattoo. The design consists of the focus being a skull, but also incorporates some gothic architecture, smoke and some amazing details like the candle chandelier which can be seen in the corner of the tattoo.

It was a great experience being tattooed by Aaron who, knowing that I one day want to become a tattooist, also explained his process behind his techniques on using the machines he worked with which was a Bishop Rotary limited edition Nikko Hurtado along with a FK Irons Spektra Edge.

He also explained his insights into building the tattoo starting with all the darks then moving on to the texturising of the parts that needed it, like the skull for example. For me, it was also very interesting to see him using his very own manufactured set of inks that he uses produced by Quantum inks.

The tattoo turned out much better than all of my expectations, I learnt a lot during it and overall apart from being 100% exhausted by the end was a great experience, the tattoo couldn’t compliment the rest of my work any better.

We are really excited to announce that Aaron will be visiting the studio to work a guest spot in the future, so I would thoroughly recommend a session. Please keep an eye out on our Facebook page for further details.

Lee Radley, Shop Manager