Yarson Tattoo Studio recently had a busy week [again!] during one of our ever-popular regular guest spots.

This time around it was Jordan Oterski and Arron Raw who were inking and to say their being here went down well with customers, artists and visitors alike is an understatement. Absolutely amazing work, great characters and plenty of stories to tell over a beer so all good in every way.

Derrick Argent & Rob Campbell were in to capture the moment and it was game on from there with some cracking pieces coming from all directions. In fact, we very nearly had to practice our safety drill because the studio was on fire and literally buzzing!

One of the highlights of the week was when Sullen artist Arron Raw tattooed our very own Yarson and the next day he repaid the compliment. Both artists I’m sure you will agree are on a whole new level and this was an amazing experience to watch them do their thing.

2 great artists leaving their mark on each other


Finally, we are both honoured and humbled to have been able to attract the level of artists we have had for guest spots since we opened and want to say thanks to you all. It really means so much to us.