Jaroslaw ‘YARSON’ Stachowicz was born in Poland and moved to Scotland in April 2010. His tattoo career started in 2013 and to say he hasn't looked back since would be a fair statement!

Having racked up a few awards along the way means work, just like any of our resident artists, will be of a really high standard... but don't just take our word for it, have a look for yourself.

Work samples

Simon Smith

Simon Smith has been tattooing professionally now since mid 2015 and likes to work in full colour, black & grey and surrealism. As a perfectionist, he is still learning new skills daily, and is always looking to better his work with each tattoo being fully custom and specific to the individual.

As long as his customers smile at the end of the day Simon believes he has done his job; here at Yarson Tattoo Studio we'd like to think when you have a look at some of his work you'll agree there are a lot of happy people out there!

Work samples

Mariusz Mazurkiewicz

The latest artist at the studio needs no introduction… Maz can quite literally do anything when it comes to tattooing and his portfolio is impressive to say the least, have a look for yourself and we look forward to booking you in for a session at some point!

Work samples

Lee Radley

Lee is our studio manager and the man with a plan. He is responsible for looking after our clients from the moment they book until they walk out the door with some fresh ink.

With the team of resident artists we have at Yarson Tattoo Studio as well as some amazing upcoming guest spots we know that he is going to be a very busy boy indeed!

Yarson Tattoo Studio

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