Based in Aberdeen, North East Scotland, we specialise in black & grey, realism & colour tattooing as well as traditional, neotraditional and old school tattooing.

Our studio features resident artists Yarson, Simon Smith and Mariusz Mazurkiewicz as well as guest spots from our friends and peers alike. We like to think it’s a great mix, bid you a warm welcome and hope to meet you soon.

Our ResidentTattoo Artists.

What does it take to be World Famous? Blood; It’s that simple. It’s in the DNA. It’s the relentless dedication, the drive to be the absolute best. This is something our tattooists at the studio aspire to as well. World Famous Inks are backed by the most sought after artists around the globe because they amplify their designs, evolving them into something darker, bolder, brighter and stronger… and at the studio we are absolutely delighted to be a part of their family.

Sorry Mom is a professional international lifestyle brand focusing on tattoo process- and tattoo aftercare products. They aim to help tattoo artists and tattoo lovers reaching better results, through enlightenment, production and distribution of tailor-made products which are developed in Denmark and are cruelty free and not tested on animals.

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